General Resources

USCIS Legal Research Page - Access to statutes, regulations, handbooks, administrative decisions and more.

Non-Immigrant Status/Green Cards/Citizenship Resources

U.S. Immigration Laws for Business - A summary of strategies to help facilitate the transfer of managers, executives and personnel to the U.S.

An Employer's Guide to Hiring International Students - Nationwide hundreds of thousands of international students are in the United States on temporary visas (i.e., not U.S. citizens or permanent residents). These students have many assets to offer employers, including their multicultural and/or multilingual skills, their ability to adapt to a challenging situation, confidence to be successful and their advanced education. This brochure is designed to provide an overview for employers hiring international students.

Deportation/Removal/Criminal Consequences Resources

National Immigration Project Website

North Carolina Immigration Consequences Manual

Padilla v. Kentucky: 
Practice Advisory
Retroactivity Advisory
ABA's Padilla Resource Page

Virginia Immigration Consequences Quick Reference Chart